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Accounting, Compliance, & Management

Review, Compilation, Trust Account Examination, Reporting, Bookkeeping and Payroll.

Trust Reporting

From bookkeeping to trust account examination, we ensure the accuracy and compliance of your accounting records.

Healthcare Accounting Management

We are here to manage your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, handle tax preparation, and provide structured financial reports.

Lawyer Accounting Management

We offer specialized accounting services for lawyers, addressing the routine accounting, bookkeeping and trust account requirements of law firms.

Taxation Services & Filing

Tax filing and planning for both Business and Personal.

Advisory & Consultancy

Providing practical insights and strategic advice, we equip businesses with the knowledge to navigate challenges and drive sustainable growth

Accounting & Reporting

Do you and other stakeholders aim to enhance confidence in the financial and operational health of your business or organization?

We provide accurate, timely, and tailored accounting, reporting and bookkeeping services. Whether you're a business, organization, law firm, healthcare practitioner, or an individual, we ensure your financial records are up-to-date and accurate, offering a solid foundation for your success. By incorporating robust bookkeeping practices, we contribute to supporting the overall financial health of your business.

Review & Compilation

Maintaining the highest standards of financial transparency with our reviews and compilation services, engagements under this category may arise from entities like regulatory bodies, lenders, or investors—stakeholder entities seeking validation of your organization's governance structure or financial reporting. Our detail-oriented approach ensures compliance with industry-specific accounting standards, instilling confidence in your financial statements.

Our services are crafted to uphold your organization's adherence to regulations. We aim to identify avenues for cost reduction or facilitate new growth opportunities while streamlining the financial analysis and reporting procedures.

Law Firm Accounting

Law firms require specialized financial management, and at HJ Wu & Company Inc., we understand the unique challenges. We specializes in providing a uite of accounting and taxation services tailored to the specific needs of lawyers. From fundamental bookkeeping to the preparation of financial statements with varying levels of assurance, our capabilities align with the diverse requirements of our clients. When engaging our services, rest assured that we ensure the security and integrity of client records.

Our law firm services are tailored to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry-specific regulations using the software you use. Trust us to handle your financial records, allowing you to focus on your legal practice.

Healthcare Practitioner Accounting

Our accounting services for healthcare providers ensure they remain compliant, efficient, and informed. By allowing us to handle all financial and accounting responsibilities for healthcare practitioners, we give them the opportunity to focus more on their patients and medical practice, rather than dedicating valuable time to number-crunching. Recognizing the demanding schedules of healthcare professionals, especially amid the shortage of professionals, we prioritize enabling doctors to concentrate on their critical work as primary care providers.

We offer specialized accounting services designed to meet the financial requirements of healthcare practices. Let us handle your financial records and bookkeeping, ensuring precision and compliance with healthcare industry standards.

Trust Accountant's Report

Lawyers have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, which encompasses funds entrusted to them, including retainers and various financial assets. In the administration of client funds, lawyers are obligated to follow specific accounting practices and principles to ensure responsible and effective handling. We have experience in trust accounting for legal professionals in BC, offering assistance to law firms in enhancing the management of their clients' funds.

Ensuring adherence to the BC Law Society's regulations and maintaining positive relations with your clients are facilitated through trust reporting, reconciliation, and preparation. Trust us to deliver meticulous trust accountant's reports. Our commitment to compliance and transparency guarantees the safeguarding of your financial integrity.

Consulting and Advisory

Improve your strategy with our advisory and consultancy services. Beyond numbers, we provide insights tailored to the unique needs of businesses, organizations, law firms, healthcare practitioners, and individuals. Partner with us to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable success.

Accountants play a pivotal role in enhancing your planning, budgeting, and forecasting procedures. Effective budgeting is a critical element for achieving financial success in any business. Serving as the financial blueprint, a budget enables businesses to skillfully manage monthly, quarterly, and annual cash inflows and outflows.Collaborating closely with you, we strategize and plan your business's financial framework to foster its thriving success.


As a business expands, the need for additional employees may lead to heightened payroll administration. Our expertise lies in aiding you to establish the essential controls for a dependable, streamlined, and efficient payroll system. Additionally, our firm is equipped to assist in the development of a comprehensive payroll system and the timely preparation of all necessary payroll tax returns.

We recognize the challenges and effort involved in payroll generation, and we're here to alleviate that stress. Trust us to implement efficient payroll systems, mitigating the risk of penalties. Streamlined and accurate payroll management is crucial. We specialize in tailored payroll solutions, ensuring precision and compliance with industry-specific regulations. Let us simplify your payroll processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Corporate Tax Return

As per the guidelines outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), every resident corporation, excluding crown corporations and resident charities, is required to submit a corporate income tax (T2) return annually, regardless of whether there is any tax payable. As your corporate tax accountant in BC, we will ensure that you file your return no later than six months after the end of each tax year.

As the fiscal year concludes, entrust us with your organization's annual tax return filings. Our proactive approach ensures efficient tax management before year-end, encompassing preparation and advice on fundamental tax planning. Count on us for timely and precise corporate tax return services, contributing to your business' financial strategy.


Navigating the realm of tax compliance, we specialize in handling GST and PST setup and returns. GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a federal levy across the country, complemented by PST, or Provincial Sales Tax, in select provinces. If you haven't yet applied for GST and PST returns, we offer assistance in both application and filing. Rely on us at any business stage for seamless GST and PST return filing, enabling you to concentrate on your business growth.

Our services include registering for GST & PST; calculation and reporting of GST/PST; and GST filings specifically tailored for not-for-profit organizations, and more.

Personal Tax Return

We specializes in assisting individuals with completing their T1 tax returns for a stress-free tax season. We offer proper advice and guidance to help determine the necessary tax slips for your personal tax returns. As your dedicated personal tax accountants, we go beyond the basics, identifying eligible deductions and applying precise tax credits to optimize your tax situation. Trust us for an efficient tax process, ensuring you pay only what's necessary.

Choosing HJ Wu & Company Inc. Chartered Accountant as your personal tax accountant in BC ensures support in identifying the necessary tax slips for the completion of your personal tax return.

CFO and Controller

A versatile and cost-effective solution tailored for businesses &s organization that may not necessitate a full-time CFO or Controller but seek support in managing projects or addressing financial challenges during constraints. Timely financial reporting, analysis and financial strategy to help your business while identifying, assessing, and managing financial risks for the business.

We will handle financial statements and tax preparation, look after all your bookkeeping and payroll, and provide you with these CFO financial management services: Management Accounting, Budgets & Forecasts, and Pre-year-end Tax Planning Review.

EHT, UHT, SVT Filing

The Empty Homes Tax (EHT) is a municipal tax imposed by the City of Vancouver on residential properties in Vancouver classified as Class 1 properties. The Underused Housing Tax (UHT) is imposed on every person who is an owner (other than an excluded owner) of a residential property in Canada on December 31 of a given calendar year. The Speculation and Vacancy Tax (SVT) is a provincial tax imposed by the government of B.C. for all residential properties in many B.C. regions. These are part of a growing trend of jurisdictions in Canada to implement taxes on non-residents and foreign investment in residential property.

We offer assistance to help determine the necessary tax filing submissions.

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    We are a trusted and established Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) firm located in Vancouver, we specialize in a range of services that include compilation, review, trust report/examination, advisory, strategic accounting, taxation, management services, special projects, and outsourcing engagements. Our reputation is built on trust and dependability, and we are committed to delivering excellence in accounting solutions.

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Absolutely! We take pride and the initiative to be proficient in various accounting software that our clients use, including popular options like QuickBooks, Xero, broader ERP systems such as Adagio, industry-specific platforms such as CosmoLex, and even customized software. We align our practices with your existing software, ensuring a seamless collaboration without the need for disruptive transitions.

Our services typically begin with an initial consultation, followed by a detailed needs assessment. We then tailor a strategy to meet your specific goals, ensuring a collaborative and efficient process.

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